Tech West Coast Willys Club

Drag Race ET Conversions-1/8 mile to 1/4 mile, Compression Ratio

Engine Horsepower Calculations-Virtual Engine Dyno

Puke Tank Tech-Tony Cortez- Trueline-El Cajon, California

Old Magazines West Coast Willys Club-Willys Words

Bob Hudson's '39 Willys Pickup, Bakersifeld, Ca Rod&Custom Magazine August 1990

Bab Sargis' 40 Willys Pickup Crestwood, Kentucky American Rodder Magazine Febuary 1990

Article  "1933-42 Willys:  Half the gas...twice the Smartness"  Karl S. Zahm Collectable Automobile, June 8, 1988

Booklet "Willys 77 America's Depression Years Model T and Ancestor of the Jeep"  Herman Sass, Editor Buffalo, NY 1988

1933 Willys 77 The New Era Care, CARS & PARTS Magazine, January 1971-This article copy was donated for sharing by  an old hot rod friend in San Diego, Joe Vidali

1909-1955 Willys Serial Numbers: Brigham, Greg, “The Serial Number Book for U.S. Cars 1900-1975,” Motorbooks International, Osceola, WI, 1994, pages 272-273. The author credits Willys Overland Knight Registry or WOKR for this information which he included in his book on the pages above.

Willys 1941-1942 Chassis Layout pdf copy

Willys 1941-1942 Chassis Layout jpeg copy

Willys Weather Strip Lengths-Ron Ladley-Reproductions by

Ford Speedometer Transmission Gear Adapter Calcultor

1938 Willys Sales Brochure




1946 Willys-Overland Motors Mechanic's Manual General Data Pages A-9-A-12

A-9 pdf copy      A-9 jpeg copy

A-10 pdf copy      A-10 jpeg copy

A-11 pdf copy       A-11 jpeg copy

A-12 pdf copy      A-12 jpeg copy

1937-38 Willys Sales & Marketing Brochure....Donated by Jim Jordan

Willys 1937 Thru 1942 Serial numbers and frame and body locations pdf copy

Willys 1937 Thru 1942 Serial numbers and frame and body locations jpeg copy

Willys Serial Number Chart 1 and Chart 2   contributed by Bill Jansen

Willys Serial Numbers-"THE SERIAL NUMBER BOOK FOR U.S. CARS 1900-1975" Grace Brigham, Motorbooks International, Osceola, WI, 1994, Pages 272-273

1937-1942 Willys Pickup Bed Plans Donated by Bill Jansen & Russ Rowe via Charlie Stephens

Willys pickup beds are identical to 1937-41 Chevy pickup truck beds

1937-38 Willys Tilt Front Ends-Joe Russo Article and Pics....

1937-38 Willys Cooling Tech

Overland Design

1937-1938 Willys Radios

1941-1942  Willys Radios

Early Hemi Technical Information-Early Industrial /Marine Hemi Motors versus Passenger Car Hemi Motors by Jim Jordan



PDF files of the above pickup beds.... Willys Pickup Bed Specs 1       

 Willys Pickup Bed Specs 2

1937-38('39Pickup) Headlight Conversion

1937-38('39Pickup) Headlight Conversion Bill Jansen's Morris Minor 7 Inch Sealed Beam Headlight Conversion

1937-38('39 Pickup) Hood Ornaments

1937-42 Willys Sun Visors

1940 Aftermarket Catalog showing assorted hood ornaments including one for a 1937 Willys